Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Varmint or Financial Boon? You Be the Judge

More than a few years ago a passel of evil squirrels infested the home where Kate, Piper and I lived. The scritch scratchy of those fifthly paws and claws across our ceiling and up and down in the walls tormented us. It was a dark time. It took a village, but in the end we won the battle royal. I believe the house is rodent free to this day.

Or did we win?

This weekend at the Round Top sale I saw this display. It's a lovely urn with an autumnal selection of gourds. And...some stuffed squirrels!

They add a lovely fall touch don't they?

Can you read the prices in this somewhat blurry photo? No? It's $130 for a stuffed squirrel! The lady told me that she started with a dozen and was down to only these three left.

At $130 a pop, we could have financed several spa days. It sure would have helped with the stress we endured living with those evil creatures.

I also think it would have been a rare kind of justice. If you have faced off with these beasts in your home, you might agree.

I am sure that my landlord at the time would have jumped at this financial opportunity.

To bad I wasn't more creative. I wasn't thinking outside the "Have a Heart" box...err trap.


Nutsy Coco said...

I think "ewww" pretty much sums up how I feel about that. Seriously though, I could put my dogs to work and make a killing (pun intended :) ) at stuffed squirrels. Might be a little battered looking but that would add to their uniqueness, right?

jodi said...

Wishbone and her older sister cleaned us out of squirrels for years. Now the squirrels are back. Snoopy gives it his best but he eats them instead of bringing them back for financial gain. Should have trained him better!!

Heidi said...

Oh Eww. Those things are vermin, as far as I'm concerned! Don't they carry all kinds of nasty fleas and things? I know around here the prairie dogs carry the Bubonic Plague and I can't imagine that squirrels are all that far removed. Ick. I cannot believe that someone (or several someones!) would be so foolish to pay that kind of money for a dead rat. Oh well, there will always be people who have more money than sense, right?

HollyLynne said...

my aunt used to carry a stuffed squirrel around in her purse. I know that makes her sound insane, but she's really more of a character . . . in a nice, not bad-crazy way!

Sure she didn't spend $130 on hers though . . . YIKES, who does that?!?!?