Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Cookies For A Cowboys Fan

Michelle at Scribbit is hosting a Winter Bazaar of holiday ideas. Almost every year I give cookies as a gift, but I try to personalize it with a donation to a charity that would be meaningful for the recipient.

I know for sure my brother-in-law doesn't read my blog so I get to share! He is a huge Dallas fan. Like most of us, he has everything he needs in my price range. So I thought I would send him a gift he doesn't have to keep around.

The Cowboy's colors are navy and silver, but I wasn't going to make gray frosting and I couldn't get a true navy. Instead I used these blue sprinkles. 

The little footballs are just ovals laid over the hand of a regular gingerbread boy. They cooked right on.

I ended up writing famous Cowboy's numbers on the little stars with a special cookie marker. I think the santas look a bit sunburned. That's what happens when I get lazy and just add some red food coloring right to the frosting in the bag and hope that squishing it will mix it enough. Santa could get a sunburn. Right? Right.
I also included a donation to the Salvation Army since that is the official charity of the DC's. Let's hope this good chi brings his team a "super" new year!


Rebecca said...

So cute! I think the stocking with the star are my favorite. My new brother-in-law is a Cowboys fan, too, but if I make Cowboys cookies in my "Giants" kitchen my husband will never let me forget it. ;)

Great gift idea!

Cocoa said...

This is a great gift idea. I especially like the charity donation.

Vader's Mom said...

LOVE IT!!! What a wonderful idea. Now, if only I was that talented.

Lucy said...

Those look great Jane! My DS is a Cowboys fan as well, I might just have to sneakily make him some team cookies for a special treat :)

Scribbit said...

I love that bright blue color--really festive!