Saturday, December 5, 2009

Thrifty Gift & Packaging Ideas

Today I am going to share some packaging ideas that make a cheap gift more special. I like to save all sorts of interesting packaging in my gift wrap bag. I basically have one large totebag that holds all my gift wrapping supplies. If a box or other interesting container fits, it gets saved.
Family Flag Packaging Front
Family Wish Flags
I made this bunting for my friend Lisa and her family to personalize. I used one spool of ribbon, some plain cotton fabric I had and a box of fabric markers (40% off coupon at Michaels). I would estimate the cost at about $5. What made it cool was that I packaged it in an old Chocolate Easter Bunny box. I printed up my own labels and glued them on over the exhisting label. You could call it "Make Your Own Banner Kit" if you like. You can read the full story here.

Reusable makeup remover pads
Reusable Makeup Remover Pads
This year I made myself some reusable makeup remover pads out of scraps of velour. I love them so much that I am making a set for one of my friends for Christmas. However, to dress it up, I have also made a little drawstring sack to hold them. I used my favorite Citra-Solv transfer method to add the words "For a fresh faced girl" in French. French is just so romantic and makes everything seem a bit more special.

For A Fresh Faced Girl

Last but not least, I have made cupcake picks on several different occasions. They are simply scrapbook paper and perhaps some stickers glued to toothpicks. So easy. So cheap. This year I am gifting them in the plastic tube type containers that my dollar store wreath ornaments came in. Someday I am going to make a year in cupcake picks and do all the different holidays and seasons.
Packaged Cupcake Picks
Hope that gives you some new ideas! I am off to get inspired at Infarrantly Creative!


Jeanette said...

What great ideas! It is all about presentation. Thanks for the ideas.

April but some call me Prilyy said...

i made my mom some of the makeup remover pads and a bag to wash them in for christmas! thanks for the tutorial!

Infarrantly Creative said...

Those are definitely Pennywise! I loves it. Thanks for linking up. That bunting is a REALLY good idea.

Patricia L said...

I like your packaging ideas-- that's usually the last thing I think about {and it probably shows!}.

Kelly said...

I love those ideas!

packing supplies said...

These are all very innovative and creative ideas and ll the imaginative endeavors must be very appreciable and praisable.