Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sweet Goodness!

My swap package from Ashley arrived the other day and I tore without taking a picture of all the goodies first. Rats! Cliff was getting a bit tired of the Santa's workshop vibe we had going on here for nearly a month. (Kate and Piper, you remember that look!) Anywhoo, I quickly put out all the goodies and today I had time to go around and photograph most of the stuff in it's new habitat.
First up, I have over a hundred salt and peppers, but no packages! So these two little gift salt and peppers delighted me to no end!
Package Salt & Peppers

Next up, this delightful snow day box. It says, "Let it snow!"
 Snow Day Box
For the most part snow is just a dream in LA. Nonetheless, I am putting in lots of wishes for another snow day in NJ. Exactly a year ago it snowed so hard that Kate and Piper had a school closing that was perfectly timed with my visit. There is nothing better for three teacher sister-friends than a whole day bundled up on our respective couches watching movies on Lifetime and laughing together. Anyway, that box reminds me of that day-so it is much beloved.
 Revised Christmas Shelf
Check out the fancy jingle bell garland! The package also contained a dozen or so glittered goodies. There are glittered snowflakes all over the apartment now.
Stocking from Ashley
Here is a very lady like silver satin stocking in our bedroom.

Snow Man
How about this cute little fellow?
Elvis Card
Speaking of fella's, Ashley is from Tennessee, how cute (and fitting) is this Elvis card?  (Makes me wish I had sent her one of my LA gang prevention program Christmas cards. Oh right! I haven't done my cards yet! Arrg!)

Anyway, thanks so much for everything Ashley! And, thanks to Rebecca, Lucy, Heidi, Leigh Ann, and Shara for organizing another fun swap!


Ashley said...

Oh! I am so glad you like everything! I noticed that some of the tops were coming off on the jingle bell garland, and I had wanted to glue them back on, but the super glue hasn't been my friend lately! I keep gluing things to myself! haha..
I really liked my e-card by the way! When I found those Elvis cards I just had to have them! When I found those salt and pepper shakers I figured you would already have some like that! I'm so glad you didn't! hehe..
& everything looks so nice in your home!

Karen The Graphics Fairy said...

Hi Jane,
I just wanted to pop over and let you know that I'm bragging about you on my blog today for "Brag Monday"! I'm featuring your beautiful wreath stocking!

laterg8r said...

i love that you attach your cards to the curtains :D

i hang mine on our horizontal blinds (just can't open that window for a month) LOL :D

great decorations :D