Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Play Kitchen Build Along: Lesson 5 The Final Touches

Living Room Workshop
Hello again!

I am now about 90% done with my play kitchen. Yesterday I finally sprayed the countertops with the Rust-oleum Stone Spray paint and this afternoon I gave them a few coats of varnish. Then I was finally able to assembly everything for good this evening. I still want to add a magnetic chalkboard to the side and to touch up the back which had all those holes. I am sure just one more hour and I will be done.

A few notes:
First up, my counter top was too thin to just screw the knobs in. So, I used bolts and washers like this.
Behind the sink
You can see here how I used extra bolts to hold the handles up and parallel to the counter.
Sink knobs
To hold the faucet on I used both one screw and some Gorilla Glue.

I used four screws, one in each corner to reattach the back board. Much easier than nails or staple gun.

The curtian rod is screwed in to the frame. That way it can be unscrewed by an adult to launder the curtain.
The Curtain Rod is Screwed On
The chopsticks worked out great for the gas burners. I was able to cut them with my Pampered Chef Kitchen Scissors! Then I gave them a quick sanding and painting. I glued them on with Elmers Wood Glue.
The Conter Top
I used Sharpie Marker to make markings one the knobs. Once again I used diet Coke plastic bottle caps with a quick coat of silver spray paint. This cabinet was so deep. I kinda wish I had a bigger sink.

I found adhesive velcro squares at the dollar store. They were perfect to hold the oven door closed!
Velco Closures

So, how are you doing?
Shabby Chic Play Kitchen
I am going to call this one the "Shabby Chic Play Kitchen."

I am dying to see pictures of your completed kitchens! Stay motivated! You can do it!

Next week, I will break down my costs and update my supply lists. I'd love to hear about and see your adaptations too. Is anyone ready to share?

* If you make a play kitchen from this free tutorial, I'd really appreciate if you would add a picture to my Play Kitchen Build Along flickr group and link to this tutorial on your blog! Thanks!


laterg8r said...

so cool - love it :D

Andréann said...

I'm far from being ready!!

In order for my paint to dry evenly (not dripping down like the first coat) I need to put it on each side, 3-4 days at a time for the paint to dry completely. So in 3 days I'll be able to paint the front, and in 6 days I'll be able to paint the counter top. I'll then need to screw everything in place and fill the fridge with the ton of playfood I did! oh, and sew a curtain, too

That pink shabby chick kitchen is really lovely!

onegirliegirl said...

I'm almost ready to show some pics of my kitchen. I even added a few extras...

xoxo ~Lisa

Ruth said...

I am completely in love with it. What a beautiful little kitchen set.


Wendy @ Ramblings from the Sunshine State said...

So cute. I totally should have done this for Christmas. She's getting one from Target from her nonnie though.

Anonymous said...

We were about to purchase a plastic kitchen from Toys R Us, then I saw this!!! I absolutely LOVE your idea and am in the process of gathering my materials! Thank you for sharing your art and creating this fabulous tutorial.


Daisy B said...

I LOVE your ideas! So cute, and yes, very "shabby chic."