Saturday, October 24, 2009

WIP: Table For Ms. S

Today I am out on my balcony working on this coffee table for Ms. S. It came from the craigslist curb alert haul of two play kitchens ago. That haul was seriously fodder for a years worth of blog posts, gifts and assorted projects. I love you craigslist! Unfortunately, the guy who gave all that stuff away left a no-reply email so I can never tell him how far his cast offs have gone or how much they have meant to me, but I hope he has been blessed by his generosity.

Speaking of generosity, my dear friend and colleague Ms. S is out on her Saturday cheering on the OFS fifth grade girls flag football team. They are in some sort of championship and she is giving her day to support them. That kind of thing is pretty typical for Ms. S who constantly gives back to her students and community.

She herself was a student at OFS and had many of the same personal challenges that our students face. As a suburban Penfield, NY kiddo, I have no idea the depth of what that really means. Except that determination was a huge factor in her success and I pray that everyone of my students is half as determined.

Against so many odds and with so many other responsiblities, Ms.S was able to buy a condo this summer! This is Los Angeles- condos are not cheap-even in a housing crisis. She did this entirely on her own. I could go on and on about how highly I think of Ms. S.

So here's to you Ms. S, a newly restored coffee table in the works.

By the way, the people of CitraSolv wrote to me in the comments and offered to send me the concentrate I needed for the Skeleton Transfer project! Too excited! Thank you CitraSolv! As I clean off the muck and yuck of a coffee table stored in an LA parking garage (read solidified smog) I am thankful for the pleasant, eco friendly orange aromas of the ready to use CitraSolv!

Happy, happy Saturday!

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