Friday, October 9, 2009

The Crayons Create: Haunted Houses

While my teaching blog My Many Colored Crayons is on a break, I couldn't resist sharing our latest project. It was last minute, cheap, easy and kept them entertained cooperatively for quite a long time. I needed to get some work done. (Lots of one on one testing for English proficiency.) This project kept 30 fourth graders entertained all at once! In fact, I think they could have spent hours on this project if allowed.

We started with boxes of all types, cereal boxes, tissue boxes, shoe boxes- you name it. It was wonderful to use an assortment of boxes because there was no pressure to come up with a shoebox at the last minute. I demonstrated on a brownie mix box. We wrapped the boxes in roll paper. This step was the only part that required my help. I happen to have roll paper at school, but if doing this at home you could use construction paper, wrapping paper or even a paper bag. They key is to wrap the "package" so that the end flaps are triangles. Then on one end, leave the last triangle flap sticking up. This becomes the roof.

Here you can see how that folded flap looks from behind.

I gave the kids some cotton balls, but Royal Blue came prepared with that spider web stuff and a bunch of spider rings to share with the class. The rest is just scrap paper.

This is a little arm punching through the door. The sign, the pumpkins and the stairs are all so detailed. Friends, this kind of detail takes time and concentration. The kind of time and concentration that allows your teacher to collate papers for back to school night and to administer the oral one on one English proficiency test to about five students.

Frankly, this is my favorite kind of kid project. I like to sit back and just observe the process. Since haunted houses are supposed to look crooked, every single one looks terrific. There is simply no way to fail at this project.

If you are looking to get something done, I highly recommend starting your kids on this project. You can thank me later.


Wendy @ Ramblings from the Sunshine State said...

Those are cute! I bet my kids would love that.

HollyLynne said...

These look great! I wish I'd been in your class that day :)