Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Thrifting Fairy Godmother

Almost a year ago I came home to find three doors on our floor painted three different shades of brown. We are blessed to live in a building that is constantly being maintained and upgraded.
There was a deep dark chocolate brown, a lovely taupe that was almost gray. In fact it was that exact lavender-gray-taupe of a William Wegman Weimaraner dog. And there was an orangey brown that was disturbing.

Here was the conversation with my building manager:

Me: Hey Handy Manny, I see your painting doors. What color are the doors going to be?

Handy Manny: Not the one that looks like sh*t. We are going with the chocolate color.

Me: Oh great! I was worried.
Our Ugly Door

This is my door.

And, folks that is no chocolate I would eat. Clearly we have different ideas about chocolate and poop. That is dog poop brown. Sorry to say.

Notice how well it goes with our ruddy orange brown carpet. The whole effect is really gross.

My mother and I joke about the names for Martha paint colors. So when she arrived for a visit I asked her to give the door a Martha color name. My own mother said, "Poop."

Anyone who knows my tax preparing mother knows- this woman can. not. lie.

Yesterday I was thinking about how this Christmas I am staying home for the very first time in over 8 years! I am actually hosting Christmas! Whoo hoo!

I was thinking about what kind of wreath would look good on a poop colored door. I was feeling kind of bummed out by the whole thing. Then it hit me! A pair of white ladies ice skates hanging on the door would look fresh. Perhaps tuck some wrapped presents inside along with some greens?

And, bippity boppity boo! Look what I found that very same day at the Goodwill! Click on the picture to see the terrific logo on the bag. It's like icing on the skates!
Ice Skates

Thank you fairy godmother!


mommieof4munchkins said...

You should "wrap" your door first and than hang those, then the poop would disappear under the wrapping paper. Cause yeah...that would be Martha poop.

Unknown said...

Oh my gosh, this made me laugh! :D And I'm with you--I don't think I want to put anything that color of brown in my mouth! LOL I like the idea of "wrapping" your door and the ice skates will be just DARLING--how neat that you found some!

A few years ago I saw in a mag where they used a pair of blue leather skates with fur trim on a door--I've been looking for a pair ever since with no luck. One of these days the TFG will wave her wand and I'll find a pair, right? :)

Nutsy Coco said...

I agree, definitely NOT chocolate colored! At least no chocolate I've ever seen. I think wrapping the door first is a great idea. People do that to their office doors at my work during the holidays too.

Anna K said...

fabulous idea. i don't think the brown looks all that bad. maybe it's best(worst) seen in person?

Beth@The Stories of A to Z said...

You are too funny! Love the idea of ice skates on the front door and so glad your fairy godmother came through for you.

Britt said...

Oh wow - I love the idea of a pretty pair of skates hanging on a door. I might have to start keeping my eyes open for a pair! What a great idea!