Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Transformation Thursday: Pair of Chairs

I have had these chairs for a dogs age.
Pair of Chairs
I bought them at a garage sale and we used them in my NJ apartment for many years. The lady told me they were from the 30's. The bottoms are stamped with the words, "No. 1482 Chair Victory Brown." I haven't been able to find anything about them online.

The chairs had gotten really rough with age. Snag your stockings rough. Not that anyone really wears stockings at my house, but you know what I mean.

lI had always hoped to someday refinish them and maybe preserve the decals. Well, I have no idea how to do that, so the other day I painted them with my free Glidden paint.
Chair Makeover
Hello pretty chairs! Where have you been hiding?

The color is "Sea Glass" and it's a fairly nice shade of sea foam green. It's not my favorite Rustoleum "Seaside Green" which is a bit darker and perfect in every way. Hey, it was free and I had to pick the color from a tiny online swatch.

The seat covers were made from a holey, ripped and stained table cloth that I got for a buck at the Jet Rag Sunday Sale. For years I have wanted to make something out of that old tablecloth. Each time a project came up I would ask it, "Is this for you?" Finally the answer was "Yes!" Miraculously, the pieces fell exactly between the holes and stains. It really was the perfect use for that tablecloth!
Seat Cusion
Here's a pattern making tip: I used stiff interfacing to make the seat pattern. I laid the interfacing on the seat and rubbed the edges with a crayon. An exact outline shows up! Cut that out and you have yourself a pattern!

For more transformations visit the Shabby Chic Cottage! (I sure hope I win that paintbrush!)


Unknown said...

I LOVE them! LOVE THEM I tell you. :) That is just the prettiest color of green and you're right, that tablecloth was positively waiting for this particular project! They're fab!

Wendy said...

Looks great!

ChesterAndDonkey said...

How funky- I love that green! You did a great job ... I like them a lot!

Nutsy Coco said...

Those turned out great! Super cute!

Unknown said...

Those are so pretty! I'm on the look out for about 3 of those to make a bench out of. Love what you did with yours!

Thanks for joining me today and make sure you entered the giveaway for the Purdy paintbrush!

jodi said...

I like this. Very pretty!

Roeshel said...

Great job! You come up with the best before/afters! ;)


sara said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!!! Those chairs are AWESOME! I love what you have done. I am so bummed that I got purple as my free color!!!?!?!??!

DeeDee said...

Jane thanks so much for visiting my blog..I just love your chair redos. the green is funky and I like it. hope you come back for a visit real son...

Wendy @ Ramblings from the Sunshine State said...

I picked that color too!! LOL!

THe chairs look really nice!

I'm in the process of painting my coffee table that color. You can see a sneak peek a couple posts back on my blog.

gail@My Repurposed Life said...

those chairs turned out beautifully! big pat on the back to ya!


Jennifer said...

I love the chairs and your photography. You have a flair for showing things in their best possible light.

Jen @ said...

Those chairs are amazing. I love the color and the tablecloth is beautiful as seat covers. They are a work of art!