Friday, June 12, 2009


My colleagues would laugh at that title. Our former principal put "potpourri" on every staff meeting agenda and it could mean a few things or an hour's time. You just never knew. I promise, my "Potpourri" will be limited to three four things.

Chocolate Chip Assortment
First Up: I made an assortment of chocolate chip cookies for the dads this year. I used the basic Toll House recipe for two kinds- Trail Mix (just trail mix and chocolate chips) and Bacon Chocolate Chip. I got the idea for bacon at Pete Bakes. They turned out pretty good. Definitely different. The third kind was Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip from My Little Gems.
Truly, neither dad *needs* anything and this assortment will be a surprise.

Second, Darci, my husband was very happy to provide the Monkey Mix Playlist

Theme Song from The Monkees - The Monkees
Monkey- Counting Crows
Monkey Man- Rolling Stones
Chimp in a Three Piece Suit - The King Blues
Attacked by a Monkey -The Crank Yankers
Too Much Monkey Business- Chuck Berry
Punish the Monkey - Mark Knopfler
Mickey's Monkey- Smokey Robinson & the Miracles
Wildflower _ The Blow Monkeys
Tweeter and the Monkey Man - Traveling Wilburys
Monkey Around - From Suessical
Shock the Monkey- Peter Gabriel
The Smartest Monkey- XTC
505 -The Arctic Monkeys
Monkey Gone to Heaven - Pixies

Third- Today I went to my mailbox and found a lovely surprise, African Kelli had sent me a pup t-shirt!
Poor Pic Of Pup Shirt from Kelli
It was such a fun surprise for such a dreary day. LA is knee deep in June gloom. While I can really appreciate the respite from high temps and the break from air conditioning costs, I am beginning to miss my friend Mr. Sun. Straight from AZ Ms Kelli is like a ray of sunshine!

Last, but not least Meridith nominated me for this award. Thank you Meridith! I am out of school now, so I decided to be a bit of a rule breaker here. Instead of nominating 15 blogs for this award, I am going to share few of my favorite posts from Meridith's blog. She truly has a lovely blog!

1. I love this tassel she made for her daughter. Nostalgia!
2. I like this Easter tree because it is not pastel. Easter colors don't mesh with my red couch!
3. Having just dodged the swine flu bullet in my classroom, I can attest, this is a teacher gift that would make my heart sing.


Darci said...

Oh Yay...thanks for the playlist. Off to iTunes!

jodi said...

I love gifts like hand sanitizer. Beats cheese ball knives!!

Maridith said...

Thanks Jane!! I really appreciate your post. That truly made my day!!