Sunday, March 22, 2009

Play Kitchen Workshop -The Second Season

Aren't these velvety curly q's fun? They are particle board sawdust from my drill.

This is my improvised way of cutting out a circle without a proper saw. I drilled over 80 holes to get that circle out.
Yes, the little apartment workshop was open for business this weekend! Kitchen #2 is well underway. Except for a frustrating trip to Lowes, this time around is going so much faster.

Now, I need some advice. My plan for this play kitchen is to sell it. I will have more details later, but the proceeds will go to my church. So, I do want to fetch a nice price. I'm thinking about half of what a PBK play kitchen would cost. Of course, I am noticing that they are on sale right now, so who knows. Maybe the market is really soft.

Anyway, at Lowes I miraculously found the *perfect* shade of Jadite green paint on their seconds cart for just $3! Then, trough a series of misfortunate events it was taken from my cart, restocked, and sold out from under me!

I have plenty of pink paint at home. Maybe this was a sign to go ahead and use the pink paint I have?

What do you think...will it sell better pink or a more gender neutral color? Is Jadeite green gender neutral enough? I kind of have that in my head now but, I noticed a red kitchen at PBK. Maybe red?

Cliff said he thinks most people buy play kitchen sets for their daughters and to go with pink.

I am not so sure. What would you do? Any advice or thoughts about the color or what price to ask are appreciated.

In case you are interested in trying this for yourself, I have a "tutorial" of sorts on flicker.
This is a price breakdown so far:

free cabinet from the curb
$1.49 1"X2"X 36" board
$6.00 thin plywood sheet, cut for me free at Lowes
$2.00 L brackets
$0.99 handle for the oven door
$2.00 hook
$0.99 metal bowl for sink
$1.99 wooden letter J for faucet

Left over from other kitchen:
gray paint
silver paint
wood glue
wood turning pieces for knobs etc.


Sarah and Jack said...

Sucks about the loss of the paint.

I think either pink or green is fine. Plenty of people buy them for little boys also. (Although, Jacks *is* pink b/c it was the cheapest one, lol).

Lori said...

I would go with green. Most little boys I know have play kitchens (including mine), so you will have a wider market for a green one.

Another thing to think of is making something that doesn't scream "KID," since families living in smaller homes might have the play kitchen out in the common space (living room, dining room, or kitchen) rather than in a bedroom or playroom.

Becky said...

I've looked at PBK kitchens several times over the last several years and at least one of the versions is almost always on "sale" for about that price so I wouldn't make assumptions based on that.

Also, I wound up buying a used kitchen for several reasons but a key one was that I wanted a gender neutral one and those are hard to find. So, you might find that you are hitting a real need niche with a green or red kitchen.

Rebecca said...

I love your play kitchens! I can't wait to see how this one turns out. :)