Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Brush With Kindness

I have a not so secret desire to be a carpenter like Amy Wynn Pastor from Trading Spaces. So, I was super thrilled that I was able to go with my awesome church on this month's Habitat for Humanity work project.

I imagined myself learning how to drywall and using power saws.

That didn't happen, but the storage POD did remind me of Trading Spaces.

We were working with the A Brush With Kindness Program. A Brush With Kindness helps low income homeowners maintain the value of their property by providing painting and minor exterior repairs.

Lead by two amazing Ameri Corps volunteers we spent the day in LA painting the home of Ms. Rose. Like many seniors, she lives on 80% less than the median income for LA and qualified for the program.

See that big bush? I spent the better part of the day getting cozy with that bush and all the spider friends who lived there. I chose this assignment because it was a cold day and it looked like a warm spot.

I am now also skilled at painting window
trim and the decorative security bars.

A Brush With Kindness Program is available in many cities. Maybe you have a friend or neighbor in need? I know the LA organization is currently accepting applications. I am going to let our community rep at school know about it. It would be so great to see this kind of improvement going around school.

It felt great to get out and spend a day doing home repairs. It also felt great to come home to my apartment with it's crew of handymen who take care of things for us!

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