Friday, March 20, 2009

Flower Power

About a month ago, my colleague Berry said, "I wish there was some way you could bring your Martha Stewart side to work." This comment came at the same time another colleague was lamenting the sad state of our faculty bathrooms. The two comments melded and I decided to redecorate our faculty bathroom.

Now you should know that things are somewhat tense with my principal, so this was all done on the down low. In fact, I arrived at the crack of dawn before any of my colleagues could catch me at it. I cut out flowers from a $1.69 wallpaper boarder from Big Lots and hung them with mounting tabs.
I also purchased some art from the 99 Cents Only Store to go with it. The crowning touches were nice hand soap and some real Scotties tissues. Total cost less than $5.

This little project was a boost to my moral. In fact, I think I may try and do another bathroom next week. With our apartment decorated within an inch of it's life, this is a whole 'nother canvas to expand to!


Jules said...

This will bring a smile to their faces. Such a cute idea!

jodi said...

Very sweet.