Sunday, March 29, 2009

What's In A Bag?

Awesome Tote Bag from Em
Don't you just love a good tote bag? I sure do! This is my new bag from Em. She was my swap partner for the Sweet Goodness Swaps "Winning Hand" Swap. Em treated me like royalty! The whole box was filled with treasures. Buttons! Cookie cutters, tartlet pans, Lindt Chocolate! Oh my the chocolate! Really, there were too many things to list them all.

However, the ace in the hand was this awesome bag! She made it from a pair of her husbands jeans! The inside has a vintage playing cards print that is just awesome. This bag was pressed into service as soon as I saw it.

I have gotten many compliments, but the best part is that it fits me so perfectly. The straps are nice and wide and stay on my shoulders unless I am taking some kind of picture. :) It doesn't look bulky, but it holds a ton of stuff. Like for example all the stuff in the next picture.

Stuff I fit in tote bag this Sunday

This was my haul from Sundays errands. It replaced several plastic shopping bags as I went to both Home Depot and Ralphs. Oh, and another thing, It doesn't gape all over the place. I don't want any sticky fingers dipping into my bag!

Thanks so much Em!


TUTU Monkey said...

Oh my gosh....I thought you were looking in my bag...:) The Joann coupons are always floating around.

Have a great week!

Wendy said...

I just love the bag!!!!

Nutsy Coco said...

That's an awesome bag and it's so nice when they actually stay on your shoulder!