Monday, February 18, 2008

Thrifting Fun

This weekend seemed to be ideal for thirfting. There were lots of new items still in their packaging. It seems that people have finally dropped off the stuff they got for Christmas, but don't want.  I was good. I don't *need* a brand new Williams & Sonoma Santa Pan. So, I left it behind. Still, it's nice to finally be learning the seasons of thrifting. 

After Saturday School I stopped at Good Will on the way home.

Canvas Print
I found this canvas print for $10. It think it probably came from someplace like Urban Outfitters. I guestimated that it probably cost between $18 and $30 new. I thought it was a bit pricey because it had several scuff marks on it. Still, I reasoned, $10 for an spring update wasn't too bad and took a chance that the scuff marks would come out.  I am so glad I did because Cliff really likes it too. I used a white artists eraser to remove the scuff marks and it worked well enough. By the way, my estimate was dead on. Here is a similarly styled print for $30.

Then yesterday, I went to Jet Rag's $1 Sunday sale. This vintage clothing store literally dumps piles of old clothes in their parking lot and everything is priced at $1. I have found some neat things there over the years and now it is my first stop to check for vintage prints that could be used for sewing projects. 

This Sunday, I found:

Wool sweaters for felting

Wool Sweaters for Felting

a house coat that will be made into a spring tote for one of my colleagues...

Flowered House Coat
and this *sweet* old baby dress.

Old Baby Dress
Lace Detail
It's pretty damaged but pretty just the same. I love this lace detail. Perhaps one day I will hang this on the wall.

I also found a Vera napkin that I forgot to photograph. I hope to use it for Barb's purse challenge.

Now, I just have to get crafting to use up some of this fabric stash!


Unknown said...

That canvas is really neat! Very bright and spring-y. Great find!

Sounds like you were able to have some fun to celebrate your first grant-free weekend! :)

LA said...

Great thrifty finds. That print really hits the right "springy" note doesn't it? Love it!

Cheers! LA

Jodi Ohl said...

1.00 clothes--whooo weee, I'm sure if you look you can find lots of treasures.

Great idea with the housecoat, I wouldn't have thought of that! I need to get my thrift on soon--it's been months!!

Anonymous said...

You just amaze me. I'm so impressed with your finds and your goals for the end product.

Sarah and Jack said...

I can't believe you left the santa pan! LOL

I have a soft spot for those old baby dresses...

Rebecca said...

You mean you're not going to wear that house coat around town with your slippers on and your hair in curlers??? ;)

I love your 1$ finds!

Marisa L. S. said...

I came across your blog tonight. Crafty and fun! The Target tip was interesting. Who would have thought there was such thought behind it?