Monday, February 11, 2008

Target Bargains: This Ones For Stacy

I posted earlier this year about happening upon the what can only be described as the second coming of Santa. Unknowingly, I wondered into the 90% off Christmas clearance bonanza at the Santa Monica and LaBrea Target. All of the local Targets had shipped their Christmas leftovers to our Target for one last hurrah. And, cheer I did. 

Well, today I have discovered, via the wonderful world of blogging, that Target has a secret sales formula. The blog Wise Bread has posted on the perimeter sales at Target. It includes how to read the secret price tags and their markdown schedule! Jackpot! 

For years Stacy, my dear former colleague and most loyal blog reader, was my shopping guru. Hopefully with this info I have paid her back for all the sales tips she has given me in the past!
Go forth Target fans and prosper! 

I left my camera at school, so no pictures today. For some of the great swap Valentines go here.


Anonymous said...

Those are wonderful tips. Thanks for sharing!

woof nanny said...

Did you know there's a Target blog?

Anonymous said...

I love you! Thanks for the tips! You're the BESTEST!!