Tuesday, February 12, 2008

This One Touched My Heart

Hanging Hearts Swap Valentine

Carmenn was my partner for the Sweet Goodness Swaps Hanging Hearts Swap and I am so touched by what she sent. 

She writes in part:

If you are reading this letter it means you have received your gift-hopefully in one piece and intact- it travelled halfway around the world!

I hope you like it. 

The red fabric with white motifs are called Shweshwe which is traditional African wax coated fabric (but normally it is navy and white.)

The others are gingham scraps.... 

Then just for you, the little heart with the read and white blocks with other colours contains a little block which says, "I love my teacher!" -I used it for school projects and I thought it quite fitting. I hope you do too. 

Regards, from deepest Africa.


Thanks so much Carmenn! It arrived safe and I love it! Gingham is my favorite! I love the sentiment and care that went into it! 

XX OO from deep in the heart of LA


Rebecca said...

Oh it's lovely! I'm always fascinated by our international swappers!

LA said...

That is awesome! This was a fun swap. I think it really got everyone into a festive and fun mood.

Cheers! LA

Jodi Ohl said...

Lovely Jane--how to neat to have something so special from the deepest part of Africa!!