Monday, February 25, 2008

Oscar Observance
Here in Hollywood we observe the Oscars with reverence and a sushi picnic from Sushi Dan.

The sushi was deelish! Yet, I have to say I really wasn't all that enthused by the show. I did enjoy all the red dresses and the usual beauties looked beautiful. But, Juno and Sweeny Todd were the only films nominated that I had seen, so I felt pretty indifferent about who won.

Did anyone else think three songs from Enchanted was a bit much? Here was a theater full of three thousand dolled up movie stars and one of the songs was about cleaning mildew. I wasn't too keen on that and not just because I don't like to clean! I guess they were hard up for original music this year.

My favorite part was the musical performance from Once. The song was beautiful and their speeches were so heartfelt.

Gotta say watching the Oscars on the West Coast is very nice. It really is a much better show at five o'clock than it ever was at half past bedtime!

How 'bout you? Did you watch?


Handi Dandi Mandi said...

I did watch the whole thing. I laughed at the monologue but the part I really liked was all the clips of Oscar past. I also watched the red carpet stuff on E! for lack of something better to do. I liked when Helen Mirren said her Oscar wasn't naked anymore because she knitted him a scarf.

Anonymous said...

It's sad. I just didn't care. I do enjoy the show when I've seen some of the movies though.