Saturday, December 11, 2010

Welcome to 306

I finally have a pretty front door! After a good scrub and some embellishment that is. Who paints a front door with flat paint? Landlords that's who! Anyway,it's not poopy brown so I am happy!

This is my "make do or do without" door decor. With all the things we need for the new place, I decided no new Christmas decorations. At first I planned to use my ice skates, but they just looked really blah against the white. When I saw Pink Postcard's bike basket door decor, I knew just what to do.

Everything except the greens came from my stash.The greens were scattered cast offs at the tree lot down the street. (There are Christmas tree lots about two blocks away in both directions. It's so Christmas in the city over here. Love the neighborhood.)

The box thing got a fresh papering. Note to self:  learn to get bolder. All this stark white paint washes colors out.

My first aha moment was when I realized I could hot glue candy canes to chopsticks to give them some height.  My second aha moment was when I realized that I could tie the bow to a stick and stick it in there too. I only wish I had thought to hot glue the candy canes to real pine bough sticks. They would have blended in better.
Simple, cheap and cheery!

I am linking up (a day late and a dollar saved!) to Shabby Nest's Frugal Friday.


The Single Nester said...

This is really inventive! Great job! I love to use what I have from my stash too.

littlemissmk said...

super cute!