Saturday, December 18, 2010

Stash Bust Before A Move

So about a month before I moved my colleague from the kindergarten requested a play kitchen for her class. It just so happens that I had a curbside end table in waiting. How can I refuse the littlest kinders at Our Fair School?
Bonus motivation: Not having to move the curbside find!

From this:
To this- in the middle of packing!

Sometimes I make Cliff nuts.

I finished a week before the move. In fact, by the time I got to adding the curtain, I had packed up all my fabric. I ended up buying a $ store valance which was super easy and worked great.

While not my best work, this was the easiest kitchen to make by far. The bookshelf like design of this cabinet was perfect. I had everything on hand, so this was fast and cheap. I used two Ikea frames with plastic for the stove window. I ended up using shampoo caps for the knobs. Even the paint was the free Glidden paint from their last round of giveaways. 

The Universe must have appreciated my efforts because today right by my parked car was another little end table! Easy go easy come.

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littlemissmk said...

love it! what a blessing to these little kinders! so cute- and i love the frame as an oven window idea! man, you are so crafty jane, even on the move!