Monday, June 7, 2010

Bunch Of Random Stuff

 .Adorable Jumpsuit Girl Embroidered DishtowelEmbroidered Dishtowels
1. This dishtowel just kills me. I love that little pant suit girl so much! It was just one of the many wonderful things I received in the Sweet Goodness Swaps Cowgirl Swap.
Awesome Swap Package from Raesha! A Movie, Journal, Note Cards
My partner, Raesha, really outdid herself with this one! There is just one good thing after another. Thank you so much Raesha!
2. Speaking of "good things" - Martha's people at The Crafts Department are going to be judging the CSI Project this week. Get ready for a slew of posts because I plan to represent.

3. Next week is the last week of school. This has been my most favorite class since ... my last most favorite class. Which was last year probably, I have had a few good years in a row. Nonetheless, I am starting to feel a little sentimental about letting them go because the third grade coming up scares me because we have had a really nice year together. So, I am thinking of treating them to a Tiny Party.

It would be two kinds of fun-one I know they would like all that little stuff. And, being language learners they will assume I mean "tiny" as in hardly a party at all. Since I got them to buy into a "Cleaning Party" at Christmas where they literally scrubbed my classroom from top to bottom- and thought it was "fun." I think they will be especially surprised that this party includes treats and no hard physical labor. Added bonus, making things small would stretch each recipe too!

4. Also on the A-Jane-da for this week is our school spring festival. I was inspired by this post to do a bubble booth. I bought the pool at Target today and plan to test it out tomorrow. Fingers crossed! I hope this works!

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Raesha D said...

I'm so glad you liked everything!!! I had such an awesome time with this theme:) I still need to do my post about the fabulous package you sent me:)