Friday, May 7, 2010

Mother's Day & The Easy Arranger Give-Away

 I have many talents... but flower arranging has never been one of them. I usually just plop my flowers in a pitcher and call it a day. Vases with wide mouths frustrated me...until I found the Easy Arranger.
Look how nice and tall these Daffodils are standing! In a clear vase with no foam! It's the Easy Arranger!
These are the Trader Joes Daffodils that come out every year in March. I love these because Daffodils are my mother's favorite flower and we always had these growing in our yard. Daffodils remind me of home.

 Easy Arranger
Here is an action shot of the Easy Arranger! It's a flexible floral shaped wire grid that fits on top of your vase and creates compartments for each stem.

I met the creator of the Easy Arranger, Anne Cork, at the Craft's Convention earlier this year. I saw her booth and knew instantly this was a product for me! No messy floral foam or weird frogs. She was super nice and we talked for quite a bit. She was just messing around with some wire or something after a picnic and the idea struck her. Voila!

The next time I am tasked to bring flowers anywhere I will be using an Easy Arranger. No more over priced bouquets for me!

Oh, and I hope I get to make one of these for a shower someday. Flower cupcakes-too cute!

I loved it so much I gave each of our mom's Easy Arranger Assortments for Mother's Day.

I love it so much I have one to give away here! Just leave a comment and I will pick a winner in a week!

Speaking of Mother's Day-
Mother's Day Cards
I made two fabric posy pins and stuck them in a blank card. Easy peasy!

Happy Mother's Day! Hope it's both sunny and restful!


Jane Jeffress Thomas said...

I need one of those things. That is a darling cup cake thingy as well. I have to look again, but I didn't see where these two things can be bought. Off to look again.

Wendy @ Ramblings from the Sunshine State said...

Thats great! Im horrible at arranging, too!

nikihas3 said...

It's like you were reading my mind. I was just fighting with a vase and some flowers this morning.

Unknown said...

What a smart product! I LOVE the cupcake idea that they did!

littlemissmk said...

i also am a really bad flower-arranger! ;) what a cool idea! and your flower-pin cards are also a great idea!

Tammy @ she wears flowers said...

Love it! I NEED to do the cupcake arrangement!!
Thanks for sharing!

Camille said...

How neat and innovative!

alli b said...

What a creative idea! I definitely need one. It's neat hearing how people come up with product ideas!

Lori said...

I would use my sadly neglected widemouth vases so much more with something like this!

becka said...

I would love to have one of those. Sometimes I make something similar by crisscrossing scotch tape across the top of a vase, but this would be so much nicer!
I love reading about all your projects!

sara said...

I love that flower arranger!

jodi said...

That is absolutely awesome. Then my flowers would not look limp before their time. Also, it looks pretty on the vase!

Ashley said...

Those pins are gorgeous! I have one that somewhat looks like one of them on my pocket book. I just love flower pins! :D

I haven't been by your blog in so long! I've actually not been by many blogs in awhile! I may have a couple days to just sit down soon though, but I do think I have the beginings of a virus! yuck! haha..

I hope you've been doing great!
(& thanks for keeping a lookout for those nail colors! :D)

Lots of Smiles!

Unknown said...

What a great product, thank you for showing it to us. I can see how it would be great in my beloved & beautiful but mostly unused wedding gift crystal vase.

Heidi @ Happiness is Homemade said...

Wow, I could sure use one of these - great product! :)