Monday, May 24, 2010

More Lemons to Lemonade

Thanks again for all your kind words and votes for my lemonade stand! It really is pretty exciting to win!

Speaking of Lemonade...

Check out this amazing lemonade stand by Anj of Multi Purpose Wings:
If that doesn't make you want to be 7 again this summer I don't know what would!

What's more, when I wrote to her about her stand she wrote this back:

Honestly it is such a blast to have around. And it teaches my kids about math, money management and saving. Right now they are using the summer lemonade stand income to help pay for their dance classes

People, I really think the Lemonade stand could be the new play kitchen!

Speaking of Lemons to Lemonade... I made a big mistake this month. BIG!! I booked a flight for the wrong date for my cousin's wedding in week! Fortunately, my mom alerted me to the mistake in time for us to fix it, but alas it was a $550 mistake. Needless to say, I was really frustrated and angry with myself for not double, triple, quadruple checking the dates the first time. Now, not only did I have to shell out a buncha money to get a new flight for the both of us, there are extra hotel cost...meals...etc... Money...easy come....easy go. Sigh.

Then today I learned that my lemon of a brain may have made some lemonade after all. Because of my mistake, I am going to get a whole extra day with both my parents, my aunt and uncle and my most importantly my 85 year old "Grandpaw!" In the words of American Express- "priceless."

I am feeling very strongly that this was a "God thing" and I can not wait to make the most of every minute with my family next weekend. Priceless indeed.

Hope your week brings you some grace too.


Melissa said...

What a frustrating mistake but I am glad that you are seeing the God thing in it - I hope God reaffirms that with you again and again during your visit.

Anj said...

You are so sweet! Thanks loads for the feature. It made my day:) Have a blast in Texas!

littlemissmk said...

hope you had an excellent trip... and yes- maybe the lemonade stand is the new play kitchen! such a cute idea!