Sunday, January 31, 2010

Check This Out- Easy Border

Napkin Art

This is my minister's living room. He (Dave) and his wife (Becky) amazingly creative people. Becky was thinking about painting something over that window. Before investing time and energy into painting, she stuck some paper napkins from Target up there just to see how it would look. It looks amazing. Maybe you're looking for a pop of color or some sort of temporary artwork. Try paper napkins!

A few other things:

By the way, I am having so much fun looking at everyone's guesses for yesterdays giant Obama picture contest. I will pick a winner Monday night 2-1.

I did paint the crock-pot! Tune in later this week for the reveal.

Also, I have more prizes and goodies from the Craft Convention.

Hope you have a great week!

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suerita said...

I love the watercolor...but cant get to the link. How do I do that please?