Sunday, January 24, 2010

This Just In!

I have lots of really exciting things to share this week!

This year through Facebook I reconnected with one of my high school friends- Ali. Turns out Ali has her own craft business! She and her husband, Dave, run Quilled Creations. As luck would have it the big craft convention, was held this past weekend in Anaheim and Ali invited me to go!

I was completely bowled over by the bazzillion things to see. I have so much to share and even a few giveaways.

Unfortunately, I also have a day job and 29 Crayons who would appreciate a teacher who wasn't crabby from blogging way past her bed time. So alas, I must retire. Tomorrow night I have a church meeting, but I hope to get at least one post in. There is so much cool stuff to share!

In the meantime, head over to Quilled Creations to all of Ali's beautiful designs. After just one brief "make and take" I can tell you quilling is addictive! (Bonus points for being affordable and not taking up too much space either.) I am crazy for this kit. Love me some monkeys. Seriously, check it out!


Custom Quilling Supplies said...

You are so right... quilling is so very addictive! I've been quilling since 1975 & still love it!
All of Ali's designs are so super cute and perfect for so many uses.

Keep on Quillin',
Denise ~ Custom Quilling Supplies

Mama Said Sew said...

Oh, I wish I'd known about the CHA convention! I was in Anaheim this weekend for a family birthday and definitely would've made time for that. Can't wait to see what you have to share. :)

littlemissmk said...

interesting- i have never heard of quilling. so it was cool to hear about it. what a fun convention!

The Nelson Family Smorgasbord said...

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