Monday, November 9, 2009

Easy & Independant Cornucopia Craft for the Kiddies

Easy Cornucopia
Originally uploaded by Jane Little.

Here's a thanksgiving project for the kiddies to do. Meredeth posted at Like Merchant Ships about an easy cornucopia centerpiece using paper and a clay pot. I modified the craft by using a paper cup and tissue paper balls for fruits and vegetables. My third graders made them and they have had no problems being independent with this project.


Paper cup
lightweight brown paper (roll paper or a paper bag)
tissue paper, construction paper

I eyeballed the measurements for the brown paper. It needs to wrap around the cup with some hanging off the end. Crumple the paper up good to make it more pliable. Then wrap it around the cup tucking some into the cup. Twist the leftover on the end to make the tail of the cornucopia. Roll up balls of tissue to make the fruits and vegetables. We added some construction paper leaves.

Check out Like Merchant Ships for more detailed photos on the wrapping part.

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