Wednesday, May 6, 2009


The Kitchen Linens Book

Look what my mama sent me! I was so surprised! Actually, I was a little startled. I had been looking at this book on Amazon, so when it arrived, my first thought was, "Yikes! Did I press '1-Click' ?" I am trying to save not spend!

Nope! My mama sent it. She knows my passion for vintage linens well!

Reminds Me of My Grandma Mary
This page reminds me of my Grandma Mary. She had a very similar hot pad to the grapes. Each "grape" had a bottle cap in it. Just looking at it reminds me of sitting in her kitchen eating Fig Newtons from her special cookie drawer. With my love for junk, that bottle cap hot pad thing was quite intriguing. And that pot holder loom! Another blast from my past. Don't be surprised if I come home from the thrift this summer with one of those.

Lots of eye candy in here plus some reproduction tea towel transfers. Of course, I like those so much I may never be able to use them. That's so like my Grandma Mary.


seanymph said...

I had my eye on that book too but wasnt sure. I hate when I cant handle and look at a book first when its unfamiliar. Id love to hear more about whats in it.

Mama Said Sew said...

What a nice Mama you have!