Sunday, May 17, 2009

Apron Giveaway!

I am no stranger to the many philosophies about clutter. I was a pretty big feng shui fan in the day and actually found that moving my stuff, did change my life. Years later, my friend Lisa even introduced me to the feng shui author/guru, Karen Rauch Carter.

Still, staying on top of my stuff is not a strength.

I've blogged about my depression era grandparents who could make anything out of practically nothing. Well, I have inherited that skill. Trouble is, in order to make anything out of practically nothing, one must save everything.

Everything can become something!

So, this weekend, whilst reading one of the many organizing blogs that I hope will one day transform me into an organized creative, I saw this post about getting rid of 50 things!

Since I am feeling kind of stuck right now. I decided to try throwing out 5o things yesterday. (And, by throwing out, you know I mostly mean Good Will.)

If you counted multiples, I made it to 50. Are old magazines one item or can I count them individually? Can I count each piece of fabric?

How about these aprons? They are adorable! Vintage!

I have enjoyed them, but alas, I don't have a proper place to display them. They sit in a drawer neglected. Perhaps, it's time to let them continue on their journey.

When you live in an apartment and like stuff, it's important to view these things as visiting friends.

Maybe one of you would enjoy these lovely aprons and give them a new home?

Leave a comment on this post. I will draw a name on Friday.


Mama Said Sew said...

Okay, I'm leaving a comment, but please DON'T draw my name!

I have the same problem with saving everything. I see potential in all of it! We have a house and a big garage and it's still not enough space for all our stuff. :)

Lisa said...

I love aprons! Unlike what Christy said DO draw my name! :)LIsa

Becky said...

Those are adorable aprons and I can see why you have loved them. If I get picked, I will love my apron well!

I know what you mean about giving things away being hard but I find it very helpful to repeat to myself "someone else will LOVE this" and "this will make someone else's day." It becomes my "toss mantra."

Alexa said...

I do believe that I would look adorable in one of those aprons. Pick me, pick me!

greenbeanbaby said...

congrats on cleaning out a few things... i save alot too but i tend to throw out magazines alot faster... crafty stuff is a no.... and papers, i never throw out unless they are too teeny to use.... anyhow, thx for stopping by the blog!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Mmm...gingham! I've thrown out the 50 things...time to add one!

:-) Thanks for the offer!

Ruth said...

I love the aprons. I have been getting rid of alot of clutter, too. It's been great. I am trying to figure out what my style really is and only stick to those things. The rest has to go.
Would love to be picked!!!!!!!!!