Sunday, April 19, 2009

Trash To Treasure Tuesday: The Devil Made Me Do It

Yesterday I told you about the Dueling Crafters Challenge hosted by Adventures of a Lady in Training. Well, here is my trash to treasure submission for that challenge: Drawer to Shelf!
Drawer to Shelf

After making the play kitchen out of a curbside nightstand, I had just the drawer left over. For more than a week it sat in the corner of our living room while I played "Angel Vs. Devil."

Angel- Toss it! You know Cliff hates clutter!
Devil- C'mon, you can make something out of it!
Angle- What can you make out of an old drawer? You live in a city apartment!
Devil- It could be a wagon!
Angel- A wagon! Are you on crack? Who needs a teeny tiny wagon?
Devil- It could be an under the bed storage drawer.
Angel- We have that covered already, bad feng shui anyway.

Meanwhile, I spent most of Saturday trying to get a handle on my fabric stash. Since my work space is also my bedroom, it really needs to be neat.

I searched flickr for fabric storage ideas and man! People have awesome creative spaces! Inspiring and frustrating at the same time.

Finally, out of the blue, I looked at the drawer, ready to toss it, when it looked like a curio shelf! Something about the curve at the front/top made the idea come to me.

Best of all, I had all the other supplies left over from the kitchen. It was so easy! I have a tutorial up on flickr. Really it's cobbled out of scraps, but the black paint covers it's flaws. Paint really is the ultimate tool in the repurposing arsenal.

I am just so please with how the shelf turned out. It really satisfies a need that I had.

The Devil made me do it and I couldn't be happier!
Drawer Shelf Cose Up

PS: Since I like to multi-task, I am also using this project for this weeks Trash To Treasure at Reinvented. If repurposing is your thing check out all the amazing ideas on this blog! And, if you are coming over from Reinvented, welcome!


Megan said...

Wow, I'm in awe of your creativity.

abnsigoslady said...

I love the shelf. And....I am so...trying the cupcakes in the earlier post. Laura

Mama Said Sew said...

Very nice! It's great to have all the supplies you need on hand. :)

Barbara Jean said...

Love that drawer, and it looks great painted black and made in to a shelf.

Barbara Jean

Molly Anne said...

That..*gape*..turned out fabulous!

Anonymous said...

Love it! So glad that you listened to that little devilish voice. :)

HollyLynne said...

fantastic idea!!! looks wonderful. You'd never know it used to be a drawer.

Vonnie said...

That is absolutely amazing! Well done you :D

Jodi Ohl said...

Love it Jane--I have a drawer that this idea might be perfect for!