Wednesday, April 29, 2009

All Day Tote

Lotta All Day Tote

The "All Day Tote" from Lotta Jansdotter's Simple Sewing took me almost all day to make, but it was fairly simple. Lotta's patterns are some of my all time favorites. The complicated parts were the parts I made up myself and where I modified the pattern.

I got the fabric from the Loft. It was part of my twelve pounds. The outer is a really soft corduroy.
All Day Tote Inside

The lining was a great find- about three yards of Robert Kaufman "Cherished Memories." I also used bits of an old curtain to make the pockets. The curtain was one of those with the rubbery backing. This should make the pockets waterproof. Kinda useful for frosty diet Coke.
all day tote 1

Above was my first "All Day Tote" made two years ago for my sister-in-law. I think this first one came out neater, but it was so floppy. I quilted the newer bag to make it stand on it's own.
It Stands By Itself!! All Day Tote

It stands! But, the trade off is a lumpy looking bag.
This bag is for Dawn. She made me those awesome scarves for Christmas. I am finally returning the favor with a bag for her knitting supplies. I modified the front pocket of this pattern so that it would hold knitting patterns and notions.

I had half a mind to make the front have many little compartments for needles and such, but decided against it. I like a bag that is flexible for many uses.

So, here's a question...have you found an interfacing that makes a good stiff bag without the bulk?


Nutsy Coco said...

It looks great! I'm not sure about interfacing. I rarely use it and need to learn more about what's best to use for different projects. I made a purse and it's not bulky but it feels somewhat unnaturally stiff.

Vonnie said...

Oh my goodness, that bag is a thing of beauty! What a fantastic design, beautifully executed by your good self.

Can't help with the interfacing sorry! Never use it :(

jodi said...

I have bought some stiff interfacing for a bag but now, reading your blog I'm not sure that it will be right thing to do.

I like the knitting bag.

My mom mad me a knitting needle holder (kind of like the crayon holder). That also is a wonderful gift.