Sunday, April 19, 2009

Dueling Crafters: My Weapon of Choice-paint!

Balcony Workshop
Recently while perusing my site meter I discovered Adventures of A Lady In Training. Vonnie was inspired by Play Kitchen 2009 to challenge her readers to a Trash to Treasure competition! Of course I joined!

This competition has some real rules. The main part of the project has to be free. There are limits on how much you can spend on additional supplies. There is a flickr group called "Dueling Crafters" and there will be voting! This is sooo me! Since I stink at anything athletic, I have to get my competitive juices out somehow!

I have my project nearly complete. It is not at all what I thought I was going to do, but it was completely free! And, it satisfied a real need I had. Stay tuned for the finish project! I am even going to do a tutorial.

In the meantime, check out Adventures of A Lady in Training. Vonnie has a goal to make50 handmade things in 2009. My favorite so far, the devil pants she made for her daughter- adorable!

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