Saturday, October 25, 2008

Who Says "No Good Deed Goes Unpunished?"

Actually, I do. Quite often in fact. And, sometimes I am proven wrong!


Last week we had fully planned to help our dear friends pack their moving van. Then Cliff broke his toe and we ended up more or less watching them pack their moving van.

To make up for our lack of help, I volunteered Cliff's services to go trade their CD's in at Ameoba records. Wouldn't you know he got over $100 for them! That is much more than any garage sale would have netted.

Today I went to "work" their garage sale. I do love me a garage sale! I was thrilled to help, hang out and people watch all day. I also went to shop. I had set aside a few things to buy, when our sweet friends gifted me with the one thing I really wanted most- Nipper!


I have always wanted my very own RCA dog! It's been on my "Someday I will find one at a price I can afford" list for ages. What a perfect companion for the allergic-to- dogs-dog lover and her husband the music enthusiast!

What is on your "Someday I Will Find It" list?


Unknown said...

A few years ago in a Christmas decorating magazine they showed a pair of blue ice skates with gray fur trim around the ankles. They used them for decoration and I fell in LOVE! I have since seen several pair come up for sale on eBay but everyone else must have seen that article too because they always go for more than I'm willing to pay, especially when you factor in shipping because they're heavy. Someday I'll find a pair at a thrift or a yard sale--I just know it!

jodi said...

A wooden Barbie dollhouse like I had when I was younger.

HollyLynne said...

Isn't Amoeba the best?! And along those same lines . . . I would love to someday own a copy of the Labyrinth soundtrack on vinyl.

Jersey said...

An old hardcover copy of James and the Giant Peach. I love the old art work, so much more than the copies I see today.

oh- an anything Bruce related :)