Monday, October 6, 2008

The Famed Round Top, Texas Sale

For years and years my mother has gone to Texas in early October or in early spring to visit family and to shop at the big Round Top Antique Sale. My mother and my aunt make this pilgrimage together and come home with goodies and stories of deals gone by.

This year I had the opportunity to get in on the action. Miles upon miles of roadside vendors and then acres upon acres of special tented venues.

Fortunately for my wallet, my small suitcase, and ultimately our small apartment, the heat got to me and I lost most of my shopping appetite. I did pick up a few gift items, but I passed up dozens of cute things. Instead I took pictures.

This year the show wasn't crowded at all. Maybe it was the heat? Maybe the economy? My aunt had gone on opening day and told us (later) that they were taking almost all offers. Rats! If I had known that I might have been more willing to haul stuff home!

Do you think the airlines would let me carry on this bike?

Tomorrow, the real fish that got away story.

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