Sunday, October 19, 2008

Two Things

Freaking me out: The powerful Santa Ana winds of Monday.

This is the fence around our rooftop balcony. It's probably 4' high.

October 002

This is the table that went flying up over the fence and straight down to the balcony below our apartment. I happened to be home. It happened to be first thing in the morning when I was watching the morning news. I heard the huge "whooosh!" Saw the table fly past my window. I heard it crash down four stories on the second floor balcony. And, then heard the weatherman announce 80mph winds. Pretty unbelievable. This table is very heavy. The top is some sort of thick resin. It didn't even break. Thankfully it was the crack of dawn and nobody was outside.

Making me smile:

Look at this salad Cliff put together. Red raspberries, crasins, sliced almonds, sliced apple! He's speaking my "love language!"

I have a craft list a mile long and I am itching to get at it. However, I have a lot of obligations at school and church right now and have resigned myself to waiting until I go off track in November. You see when I really get creative, my apartment and specifically our bedroom looks like gale force winds have blown through. When I am not working it is easier to keep it somewhat under control. And, my sweet salad making man deserves a break.

15 days until my vacation!


jodi said...

Good grief!!! That was quite a wind. Can't wait to see what you make in November!

HollyLynne said...

oh my gosh! glad you're ok! we got hit with the winds too but not so badly this time. last year a tree ended up in our pool . . . its amazing how strong those santa anas can be!