Monday, January 7, 2008

Target Nirvana

Oh me oh my! I was at Target to pick up some film today when I spotted a mob at the back of the store. I asked a Target guy if they were giving out free money and he said, "Pretty much. All Christmas is 90% off!" 

I could have gone nuts getting gorgeous gift bags and wrap for 0.10 a roll, but I tried to think outside the box and get stuff that could do double duty. We don't have a lot of storage or many people on our gift list so I don't need tons of wrap and bags. 

Still I cleaned up!

I got some darling red and white pom pom garland. I think this could be cute for Valentines Day too!

Recently on some blog I read about using two candy canes fused together in the oven as heart shaped cupcake toppers. Check. Target had pastel mini candy canes and pink and white striped candy canes for 10 cents! Perfect for the Crayons Valentines Day party.

I picked up a darling Santa hat and collar for one of my colleagues who has had a rough time lately. Just .45 cents to cheer up a co-worker, delightful!

I certainly couldn't discriminate against two bags of dark chocolate peanut m&m's on sale just 'cause they're red and green!

Just the other day my mother was saying that she wanted to end our life long tradition of getting Pez in our stockings. She felt it was a waste of money for something so silly. So, I picked up a bunch of Pez to keep the tradition alive... 0.09 cents each!

I stocked up on white tissue paper which I use in spades all year long. 

My best find though was a really pretty box of Christmas cards. They have glitter and a frame space to hold a photo. With gold foil envelopes these cards were a *steal* at $1.45 for 42 cards!

Then if I wasn't giddy enough, my Smart Ones meals were on a mega sale too! Usually at Ralphs these babies are almost $4. Today at Target just $1.75. Smart Ones vegetable lasagna is the Cadillac of frozen meals!

I could go on forever, there was a great price on TP and the Dollar Spot did not disappoint either! 

To think I just was stopping in to get my photos.


Rebecca said...

LOL! You and I are two of a kind! I hit the Target last night but alas, nothing was left. It was the crappy Queens Traget so I'm not surprised. They didn't have much to begin with. Ever been to a Target with two floors where they have a special escalator just for carts? Uh huh. It's a disaster area.

Great finds!

Anonymous said...

Oh goodness! I need to shop with you. I always miss these deals. Congrats on the excellent shopping!!!

jungle dream pagoda said...

Targets 90 percent off holiday sales get me every time...but I've never hit there X-mas one,whew -hoo score!
Happy New Year!

Jodi Ohl said...

GRRRRRR.....Now I'm jealous of you AND Shara for all your great finds! LOL No, really, good for you!! Yeah for bargains! I picked up some nice cards for Christmas at a yard sale, still sealed for was my only after Christmas bargain!