Thursday, January 3, 2008

Linus, I Get You

This is a photo of me and Blankey, my favorite blanket.  Blankey and I hung out for quite a while. I slept with Blankey every night until I was ten or so. Eventually, it was just embarrassing to still sleep with a security blanket so I packed Blankey into a drawer. Somewhere in my late teens or early twenties I opened that drawer and found a heap of rag. I could finally see that it was time to toss Blankey.

In college, my new pink comforter was truly a comfort and even my roommates would borrow it for naps. When I moved in with Kate, she named it "Woobie" after the favorite blanket that Michael Keaton burns in the movie Mr. Mom. 

Woobie is still on my bed today, so many years later. I still find it comforting. Early in the marriage, Cliff was a bit jealous of the Woobie. He hated sleeping next to what he calls "the pink cocoon." He has adjusted or given up. Either way, there will be no Woobie burning in this house!

Recently, on several blogs and in the Urban Outfitters catalog, I have been seeing quilts and blankets made for the Project Linus. This charity gives children who are ill or in crisis situations a new blanket to love. 

Also, while in Florida, I went to the Fort Lauderdale Art Museum to see the Quilts of Gees Bend. The women of rural Gees Bend Alabama made quilts out of necessity using the scraps of whatever they could salvage from clothing. They sewed without patterns making up their quilt designs on their own.  The quilts were unique, beautiful and very inspiring. 

All signs are pointing me towards a quilt. I think it is time to give back some of the good woobie karma I have enjoyed. So, one of the goals on my champagne list is to make a quilt for the local Project Linus chapter. I think I am going to start with this pattern from Bend the Rules Sewing, but I would really love to make an I Spy Quilt

So Far My Champagne List Includes:
Go to TJ for a mission trip
Make a quilt for Project Linus
Try a new recipe once a month
Take a yoga class


Sarah and Jack said...

Jack still desperately loves his Dandy. When Dandy finally falls to pieces I am going to frame a piece of it with a photo of him and Dandy together for him to keep.

(Although the thought of him being eventually Dandy-less is sad...)

Anonymous said...

I do love that "I Spy" quilt!!

I wish I was a little more artistic.

Jodi Ohl said...

I've always been a blankie type of person too, although I've never kept one as long as you have :) Mine usually fall apart but I guess it's because I love the chenille blankets and they do not last after a few washings. Anyway, they are such a source of comfort and security--I think making a quilt for project linus is a wonderful item for your "champagne" list.