Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Five Dollar Challenge: Spring Pinwheels

It's the $5 Dollar Challenge over at Living With Lindsay!

I was spinning my wheels* all week to find another $5 craft to enter in the contest. These things just get my competitive and crafty juices flowing. Then right there in the middle of  99 Cents Only it hit me- pinwheels! I think pin wheels are an iconic symbol of spring and especially refreshing if you aren't too into Easter decor.
Pin Wheels
My home is mostly primary colors so there is a limit to the pastels I use.

To make these I purchased three pinwheels, and a package of double sided scrapbook paper at my local .99 Cents Only store. Total spent $4.
 Pin Wheels and Scrapbook Paper
At home I gathered my drill, a block of scrap wood to drill on, my 2" scallop punch and some Easter grass that I use over and over from year to year. I also used a 3" bit of pool noodle left over from my pool noodle wreath.

Step one:  Dissect the pinwheel.
Disected Pin Wheel
Step two: Make a pattern from the pinwheel. I traced mine onto a piece of double sided scrapbook paper that was folded in half. This way I would get both patterns traced at once.
Pin Wheel Pattern
I was careful to mark the holes for drilling.

Step three: Make the holes. I like to use my drill, but you could also use a needle or something to make the holes.
Drill Holes

Step four: Thread the pinwheel onto the stem following the example of your dissected pinwheel.
Fit Paper onto Pin Wheel Stem
This is where I was so happy I had found double sided scrapbook paper.
Step five: Cut a scallop in a coordinating paper and add that to the stem. Experiment with all kinds of places to display the pinwheels. First I tried my houseplants.

Then I decided I wanted to plant just the pinwheels like flowers. I went into my scrap bin and grabbed the last 3" of my pool noodle to use in place of floral foam. I just knew there was a reason to save that scrap!
Pool Noodle Trick
I drilled a few holes in it and stuck the pinwheel stems right in. It works like a charm! Then I covered it up with some Easter grass.
The colors match our bathroom perfectly!
Pitcher Full 'O Pinwheels
Cliff likes them in this pitcher on our coffee table.

As always, you can click on any picture to see them larger.

This was an easy 1/2 craft that has brought a breath of fresh air into our apartment! Wouldn't these be great for party decorations!

* Can not resist a pun. Sorry!

Be sure to visit the other $5 Challenge participants at Living With Lindsay!


HollyLynne said...

Super cute!!! I love how you're able to re-use and re-cycle so many things and craft on the cheap. I could use lessons in NOT spending a fortune every time I'm at Joann's :)

Nutsy Coco said...


Kelli said...

I LOVE pinwheels, these are adorable!

Kim said...

Those are great. They turned out fabulous. There is no way you could have found pinwheels those colors. What a good job!

Jess @ Just a Blink said...

bah-hahaha you are so punny!

Anyway, all that work paid off, so darling!
I just hope that you don't have enough "wind" in your bathroom to make those pinwheels spin.

Wendy @ Ramblings from the Sunshine State said...

So cute!