Friday, January 2, 2009

Knit 'Till Dawn

Three Scarves By Dawn

The other day I got a relative request on facebook from my sister-in-law's sister, Dawn. I was so touched to be "family." Bonus! Two sisters for the price of one brother!

We had become friends in real life while planning the bridal shower. We bonded over a love for crafting. Dawn is a industrious knitter who not only makes and sells her beautiful scarves, she also teaches knitting lessons! Isn't Knit 'Til Dawn the best business name?!

I am so delighted to have been gifted with three of her creations. The white is called The Boa and the green is a Ruffle Scarf. I am not sure what the pattern is for the pink one, but it is kitten soft and I love it!

I wear scarves a lot more in LA than I ever did in NJ. Weird right? Well, it's just cold enough to get a chill, but not so cold you need a full on coat. Voila! The scarf is perfect!

Thank you so much Dawn! I love my new scarf wardrobe!


jodi said...

She does beautiful work.

Dawn said...

Thanks for the shout out! I'm glad you are enjoying the scarves!