Monday, December 15, 2008

Last Minute Inspiration

I am preparing to leave for NJ on Wednesday. By this time next week my brother will be a married man! So exciting!

What do you do with wedding and shower invitations? They are too beautiful and sentimental to throw away. I usually put them in a photo album with pictures from the event.

Thanks to my new love, ink jet fabric, I came up with a last minute project.
Shower Invite OrnamentWedding Invite Ornament

The colors on both invites are very pale. The wedding invite has silver ink- hard to photograph. They are not so washed out in person. These will be a small housewarming gift for when we visit!


Mama Said Sew said...

Those are beautiful Jane! Very creative.

Nutsy Coco said...

That's a great idea!

Jersey said...

You are so creative, my friend!. Those are very cool. Have a great time at the wedding!!!