Saturday, November 1, 2008

Sick or Treat

Dancing Ghost

"Sick or Treat"

by Charles Ghigna

From Halloween Night Twenty-One Spooktacular Poems

I got a lot of treats tonight
And I just ate them all.
From candy bars to bubble gum,
My taste buds had a ball.

But now my stomach's doing flips.
Oh what a Halloween.
The biggest trick from all those treats?
I'm slowly turning green.

This is the last Halloween poem I will share with my students Monday morning and I think it sums up a month where I ate (ahem) more than one bag of candy corn. Yikes! Scary!

This delightful book is on sale now for just over $5. It's worth getting and putting aside for next year. As for me, I am thrilled to be past the Halloween milestone. I now have only *5* days until my "summer" vacation!!

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