Wednesday, April 2, 2008

"What the Heck Is It ?" Pie

Not Sew Easy!

Maybe it was the influence of the movie Waitress *?
Maybe I am just so excited to go visit the Pink Kitchen that my inner child is demanding more stuff to go with it? Or maybe Flickr is a bad influence?

Whatever the motivation, I thought that just looking at a bunch of felt pie slices on Flickr was enough to make them.
Tried to make cherry pie
I would call this "Not So Easy Cherry Pie."

Cliff suggested taking off the brown stuff. Or rather, the felt strips that I thought might make a cute basket weave crust. It's a start. The start of a monster I am afraid. I must perfect my own felt pie!

You can click here to see the "So Freak'n Stink'n Cute, I Want To Make Me Some Felt Pie" Pie.

As for seeing the the movie Waitress, it was cute, but definitely a rental.

1 comment:

Sarah and Jack said...

I think you have a side gusset there right? The gusset thing gives more shape to the felt than to cotton, which is why I think you have the overstuffed look instead of the triangle look.