Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Tummy Time Fun

Our beautiful girl is one month old. Here she is having a wonderful time at her check up. She is now officially 9lbs 7oz which is just over two pounds more than she weighed at birth. We are so proud! And, since I am breastfeeding I am pretty dang proud of myself too. For real.

Anyway, while I was pregnant I started a "pin board" on Baby Activities.  Today we came up with an activity that I actually consider blog/pin worthy. While at the doctors we discovered that Marilee loves the crinkly paper on the exam table. So, we decided to recreate that fun at home with some parchment paper. It worked great. The waxy side was actually a little bit "grippy" on the bench and the paper side was slippery enough for some good play time. Now she had two parents inches from her on this padded bench. Otherwise, I would definitely do this on the carpet.

If I waited to post this until I had a chance to edit that rough ending out, it would never get posted. Warning this video contains delicious baby toes.


Polly @ Pieces by Polly said...

So fun! I hope you have a wonderful 1st Christmas with your little one!!!

Sarah said...

Way to go milk makin' mama!

Wait until she is big enough to go around clutching crinkly fruit snacks, LOL. (I am still trying to hide them from Sam, but she is a fruit snack sensing missile.)

HollyLynne said...

So cute!!!!

Way to go with the weight gain, mama. So glad feeding is going well for you!!! It DOES feel good to see that number on the scale go up, doesn't it? I remember measuring Rhys on my parents' wall at 6 months and looking at the height difference between his newborn length and then, and thinking "I did that all with my BOOBS!!!" Such a feeling of accomplishment, so glad you're experiencing that too!

Jennifer said...

Oh she is brilliant! I love seeing her in action. I will try this out with the parchment paper. Elliot hates tummy time so we do it in short bursts throughout the day. Maybe this would intrigue him into hanging out for a bit.

Oh and the weight gain is wonderful! I took a picture of Annie and myself the night she tried solid foods for the first time-up to that point her entire body had been created by mine. What an incredible feeling.

Sweet Marilee! How I wish we lived closer.

littlemissmk said...

macy hated tummy time! yay for fun tricks that make things easier!

jungle dream pagoda said...

She is gorgeous!! Good for you for breast feeding! It is actually rather hard in the beginning...and only gets easier after 2-3 months!Try to stick with it!