Thursday, November 10, 2011

Halloween Update #2: Extravagent Generosity

 Our Coat Rack
This picture makes me so happy. Just the thought of sharing our coat rack with a wee one is thrilling, but this little pink "jacket." has a special story.

It was an eventful Halloween morning when a young Crayon we call Red arrived.

 This was our conversation:

Red- "Hey Mrs. Little, I got you a baby present for your baby!"

Me: "Thank you Red, that was so nice of you."

Red: "Yeah, my parents told me I could have money for a baby present or a Halloween costume and I chose to get you a baby present."

Me- (Stunned.) "Wow! Thank you that means a lot to me. That was really generous of you, but what about Halloween? Do you want to go in the costume box and get a costume?"

Red: "No. I made a costume. With the left over money from the baby present, I bought a really cheap sheet and made a ghost costume. Wanna see it?"

Me: " I sure do."

He proceeds to pull on a traditional ghost costume much like the Peanuts Gang wore, except it has some simple sleeves.

Me: "Wow, Red, that is really cool. How did you make the sleeves? Did you use staples?"

Red: " Nope. My god-mother came over and helped me sew the sheet like this to make sleeves. And, I drew the face with marker because I didn't want to look like those mean guys who wear sheets. Do you know about those guys?"

Me: "Yes, yes I do. I assure you, that is a terrific ghost costume. I am so impressed! This gift is super special to me!"

This month my pastor has been preaching on extravagant generosity, but once again my Crayons were the real teachers. I am so impressed with both Red and his parents. In this day and age, they certainly didn't have to bankroll both a teacher gift and a Halloween costume. By giving him a choice, they fostered his financial skills and his creativity. I am truly humbled.


Nutsy Coco said...

That's a fantastic story. Such a sweet boy and such a great lesson.

Molly said...

Wow...must clear my throat a bit and wipe the eyes. That is so touching. Love the picture.... very sweet.
That story certainly made my morning. thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

That story is just beautiful, all the way around! What a good, kind heart little Red has. I'm so glad that you shared that with us, Jane!

Jennifer said...

Oh my goodness, this just melted my heart! Thank you for sharing.

Mama Said Sew said...

What a wonderful story!