Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Halloween -Sort of Pinterest Style

Oct. 30 -23 days till D-day! 
Crazy busy weekend getting ready for what might be my last day of work before the baby comes! Whoo hoo! Well, I thought Halloween was going to be my last day, but my sub got sick and I still have tons of things I wanted to complete and prepare for her. So, I may just work another couple of days to get stuff done and spare myself from writing sub plans. Writing sub plans is more work than actually teaching sometimes. I am going to play it by ear tomorrow.

Any leftover energy I might have had for crafting is used up making a baby. Thank goodness Pinterest has been there to inspire me. I would never of thought of this cute pose all on my own. Here is the original pin. Love the lighting and the pose is better too. But you get what you get and you don't get upset when you pull over to the nearest city parking lot p' patch and ask a complete stranger to imitate a professional photographer! Can I hear an "Amen?"

In other news, I continue to have the highest of hopes when it comes to making my beloved Crayons festive treats. I actually thought I had found something easy enough to make as directed. But, no. I was too busy to go to the grocery store this weekend and ended up having to use what was in my pantry.
The Pinterest Inspiration Cupcake:

My Cheesy Imitation

I truly thought I had the ingredients to make the "slime" frosting, but alas I was out of corn syrup.

I will say this. God sent me a little angel to remind me that cheesy cupcakes, overwhelming to-do lists, sick subs, blah, blah, blah- I have no *real* problems. As I walked into the dollar store on the way home from church to pick up bug toppers for these cupcakes. A voice yells out, "MISS LITTLE!!! MISS LITTLE!!!" And low and behold there is some child that I don't recognize screaming my name across the store. She runs up to give me a  hug and exclaims with such excitement, "I didn't know you lived in this neighborhood too!"

Well, I don't and if she goes to my school, as I assume she must, she shouldn't live around here either. We are bursting at the seams overcrowded and I know that technically I should report any out of district students. Anyway, I am going to look the other way on that one because tomorrow is supposed to be the first day of my maternity leave and what's one more student in a school of 700?

So she follows me around the store dashing between my aisle and her mother's aisle filling her in on who I am so loudly the whole store must know I am one of the FOURTH GRADE TEACHERS!!!!

While helping me search for bugs, she tells me that she won't get to trick or treat this year because by the time they get home on the bus it will be too dark. So I say, "Well that's OK, we are having a big parade at school tomorrow with lots of candy."  Then she tells me that she can't participate in the parade because she doesn't have a costume. They can't afford one this year. Mind you folks, we are in the dollar store. 

Doesn't that make your heart break?

Never fear. I may have the dumbest looking non- Halloween cupcakes in the world, but I do have a BIG box of costumes in my classroom and an appointment with one little girl whose name I don't even know first thing Monday morning. 

Who says Halloween isn't a Christian holiday? Not me. I think I just got schooled by the big guy Himself.


Molly said...

Your cupcakes look great! I mean that they look gross-very appropriate for Halloween ;-)!
Yes, that does break my heart for that child. It is so sad to think there are children that can't afford to participate in a very wonderful tradition for children. However, you were there at the right time to help her out. Blessings to you for your new sweet little one. Can't wait to see a pic!

Anonymous said...

What a blessing you are for that child. I know you're doing it out of the goodness of your heart but you know you'll be one of teachers she'll never forget. That one teacher (we all have them) that gave just a little bit more and made the difference for her. God's blessings to you and your growing family : )

Anonymous said...

Praying for that little girl right now and thanking God for the impact that you can have on her even with a costume! Have a great day! --Laura :)

Rebecca said...

:) What a story! You are the Great Pumpkin this year. Love the photo.

Unknown said...

Jane, I think you've probably blessed more little lives than you will ever know! God often answers our prayers through the actions of other people--You just may be that little girl (or her mom's) answer!

jodi said...

What did she decide to be?