Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Shower Gifts & My Chinooky Bathroom

It has been fun to find new places for my things in the new place.
 Shower Curtain Pattern
This is my shower curtain. It was a shower gift and I still really love it. In fact, I still really love most of the things I registered for seven years ago and very little is changing in our new place. My mom used gifts from her shower/ wedding for years and years. I remember registering and thinking, "I need to like these things for a long time." Just a little pressure.  So anyway, I am really grateful that I do still like my choices.

And now, for the first time, I get to paint!
Dutch Boy "Chinooky" Paint Sample

Here are my towels and a few paint samples from the Dutch Boy line at OSH. Although I love the green, I tend to favor warm colors. My towels are an almost perfect match with the "Velvety" color on the right. However, I decided to be less matchy and go with the dark salmon colored "Chinooky" in the middle. It is a bit more orange than the color in the shower curtain, but it is close. I have so much red all through the apartment, I wanted to do something related, but just a touch different.
Dutch Boy "Chinooky" Bathroom
This is a really moody color. It changes a lot with the light. Here it looks more orange/brown. Also, I ran out of paint before I did a second coat. It really needs a second coat, but that will have to wait until summer at this point. It is good enough for now.
Bathroom Curtain
The curtain was hacked by hot gluing/Gorilla taping three napkins to a scrap board. A while back, I got the wood at HD in their scrap section for $1. It just so happened to be about 2" longer than the window. Also, the board adds just enough length to the napkins. This was truly made up as I went along. (My favorite way of doing things.)
Bathroom Curtain
These napkins were never really used because they require *so much* ironing. I figure they will be steamed daily in here.

Before and After

As I am the curious type, I looked up the name "Chinooky." Since it is part of the "California Colors" my guess was that it was going to be a type of wine. I was wrong. It is a kind of salmon or a type of wind. Both named after the Chinook native people from the Pacific Northwest.

Apparently, the Chinook winds create some pretty amazing sunsets.

A little decorating and a little learning- not bad for a days work.

Hope you are enjoying your day!

PS: I am linking up to Frugal Friday with The Shabby Nest because this makeover cost me a whopping $12 for the paint and $1 for the board!


Unknown said...

Another inspiring post; I just love the before & after pictures! Your choice of "Chinooky" was perfect to pick up the highlights in the flowers.

Nutsy Coco said...

Very pretty! I love the color; it's so warm and inviting.

Unknown said...

Beautiful color! I think you made the right choice by not going with the exact match, but a coordinating shade. Lovely!

CocktailMom said...

I just discovered your blog and I am loving it. Minor suggestion...would be nice to see larger pictures. In blogger you can now click on the picture you upload when you are creating your post and select the size, large is nice. Also in the advanced design section you can customize the width of your middle section (white area) so that you can have larger photos.
Looking forward to reading more. Be well.

Anonymous said...

Looks great, love the color and the shower curtain.

littlemissmk said...

love the color! and the curtain is great. you are so crafty.