Sunday, September 5, 2010

Two Films: Objectified & Between the Folds

While I haven't been creative, I have been inspired by the creativity of others. Two films caught my attention on Netflixs. In fact, my new subscription to Netflix may have been the start of my creative hiatus.

The first film, called Objectified is about design and how designers impact our lives. It features my beloved Target and also the amazing Ikea. I loved seeing the design process in progress and hearing designers think aloud.  Here is the trailer.

I watched this while doing some mundane school prep the other day and it was delightful.

The second film is called Between the Folds. This one is harder to watch while multitasking. The origami in this film is truly mind bending. In fact, it is so rich, I am watching this film a little at a time to absorb the images.
I bought two origami books and a "fold a day" calendar at our church book sale. I am hoping to do a little origami with the art club this year. I have also been thinking about making a thousand cranes. Anyway, here is the trailer for Between the Folds:

Both films are instant downloads on Netflix. Have a great day!


littlemissmk said...

oooh, the origami one looks so interesting. thanks for these recommendations jane :)

sara said...

Thanks so much for recommending these films- I am always on the lookout for good stuff on netflix- and the Target/Ikea one is right up my alley!

Melissa said...

Oh, I look forward to seeing you origami!!

Unknown said...

those sound fascinating! Unfortunately I can't find Objectified at my library and I have Blockbuster online rather than netflix, and they don't have it either. :( Bummer, I'll have to keep looking. At least they did have the Origami movie!

Molly Melnick said...

Look forward to the movies and thanks for the inspiration. It looks like a movie that I can watch with the family.