Monday, August 11, 2008

Go Team! Go!

I have Olympic Fever!

The main symptoms are obsession, lack of crafting, and sleep deprivation.

Last night after watching hours of swimming, I had a dream that I was in China. The hotel was overbooked and we had to camp out in a ballroom. It wasn't so bad. Michael Phelps was on the next cot!

In my dream I was blogging about being in the same hotel as Michael Phelps! I did think it was a terrible way to treat the Olympians! How could they get enough sleep!

Speaking of sleep, this reminds me of the Subway Series a few years back when I stayed up way too late watching it on TV.

I'll be back when the games are over to share a few things I started before the games began!


Nutsy Coco said...

I definitely have it too! I finally caved in to bedtime the night the men's 4x100 relay was on and was bummed when I found out the next morning that I missed THE BEST RELAY EVER. Thank God for the internet and their videos!

Rebecca said...

LOL I totally get that way about the winter games! In fact, Luis and I are hoping to go to the 2010 games in Vancouver. :)

And wa that the 2000 Subway Series? I'm SURE you were rooting for the Mets right?? ;) lol