Saturday, July 26, 2008

Hong Kong Phooey

I am finally making progress on the I Spy quilt which was on my champagne list. Sort of, this one will not be for the Linus project.

This is Operation Don't Forget Us!

My cousin has been toying with the idea of moving to China for more than a year now. He was a pro golfer and has an apparently golf is huge among the rising middle/upper class in China. He's had a few job offers to teach golf.

Part of the lure is that they have two adopted daughters from China and they are interested in giving their daughters more of their own culture.

Also, they feel that God is calling them to move to China. I understand that feeling. I was called to leave my comfort zone and teach at OFS. Still, China? I think that is officially a bajillion miles away from the nearest family member. After the terrible earthquakes, I think God would need to send a burning bush in my living room to get me to go there. (Please understand that I am not tempting you God.)

I told them that if they wanted questionable seismic activity and Asian culture they should just move to LA. We have fault lines and China Town.

The latest job offer was from a company in Hong Kong. That is decidedly more westernized and appealing.

So, it looks like my whole crew of "baby" cousins will be moving. Sniff. The Fantastic Four, ranging in ages from 2-5 will hardly remember us.

My thought was to make mini quilts with family photos interspersed. I plan to size them so they are good for long car rides and if need be transatlantic flights.

This was my first time using real printer fabric. I used June Tailor Colorfast Sew In Ink Jet fabric sheets. They went through the printer well and were easy to treat for colorfastness. However, some red did seem to wash off. The fabric is soft and nice to work with. The price is usually pretty prohibitive at $10 for 3 sheets. Thankfully, it was some sort of coupon mania week at Joannes.


jodi said...

It will be sad to see them go but on the bright side - you and your husband can plan a trip to Hong Kong after they get settled in. Maybe you can camp out at their place and day trip around the island. Could be fun.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful gift idea.

I'm sorry you'll be missing your family but I agree with Jodi - vacation time!!!

Mama Said Sew said...

Oh! They're going to love those quilts. It's a verythoughtful gift Jane.

Change is hard, but what an incredible opportunity for your cousin's family.

Anonymous said...

Jane- YOU will be the closest family member to them now!!! The quilt idea is wonderful. It is coming out beautiful!

Sarah said...

I understand where you are coming from. My ONLY sister and ONLY neice live in Southeast Asia. I see them maybe once a year, and only met her for the first time when she was 6 months old.

Funny thing is, I plan on making my neice a similar quilt to the one you are making so that she can see pictures of all of her "Stateside" family- and it's washable since they have mold issues there. :) I made similar ones for my kids and husband while he was deployed. I had really good results with the printable fabric from Joanne's (blue and white packaging- timeless treasures, i think)that come in 5 sheets for $17 (thank goodness for coupons.) I've washed our quilts several times and never had fading issues. Best wishes on your quilts!

HollyLynne said...

ooh, the fabric sheets came out beautifully!!!!! what a neat product!